My Dream Reading Space

When I think of a cozy reading nook or space, I envision a home library filled top to bottom with shelves of books. I need a lush, comfortable chair and a sofa with lots of blankets and throws. I must have seating options. A huge, dramatic fireplace is a must. I can see myself with either a hot cup of mint green tea or nice glass of chardonnay, depending of the time of day.

Here is what I envision:


I love this library where you are surrounded by books and the lighting is amazing.

However, you need a really comfortable chair that you can sink into with an amazing book. I love the dark leather look of this chair. With a soft throw, I could just melt into this chair.


Now I need a sofa to match my chair. It has to be just as soft and luxurious as the chair. This sofa matches perfectly with my chair:


Arhaus has a variety of other sofa options here!!

Lighting is all important for a reading space. I found this chandelier and I love it. This would be amazing in any library!








Check out more great lighting options here!   

To finish up I need either a nice cup of hot tea or nice, rich glass of chardonnay. And let’s not forget the perfect book!wine glass

33571713I love a good piece of historical fiction and this book is amazing!! A Column of Fire would be perfect to read in my new reading space!!


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