Review: Pride and Prejudice – A Graphic Novel

Pride and Prejudice – A Graphic Novel
Adapted by the original novel by Jane Austen
Illustrated by Robert Deas and Text Adapted by Ian Edginton
Published by SelfMadeHero on March 15, 2015 (first published in 2011)
144 pages
Purchased from Amazon


Jane Austen referred to Pride and Prejudice (1813), the earliest-written of her published novels, as her “darling Child” – and generations of readers have taken it to their heart ever since. The irresistible attraction she portrays, between the sparkily independent Elizabeth Bennet and the solemnly austere Mr. Darcy, counts among the greatest, most romantic – and funniest – love-stories ever told.

As a HUGE Jane Austen, I will pretty much read anything pertaining to her and her perfect novels. So, when I came across a graphic novel version of Pride and Prejudice, I had to give it a try. I’m so glad that I did; I really enjoyed. It is a very fun adaptation and captured a lot of the essence of the original novel.

I thought the illustrator and writer did an admirable job capturing Lizzy’s wit and strong-willed personality and Mr. Darcy came across as his usual conceited self. I think my favorite parts of the book included the outlandish and over-exaggeration of Mrs. Bennet. I thought she was portrayed perfectly.

If I did have one criticism, it would the facial illustrations. I found them to be a tad harsh and a little. However, I loved the colors and costumes. Mr. Deas captured, I think, the essence of that time period with the dress, the parlor rooms, hairstyles and mannerisms.

I’m hoping to introduce my 11-year old daughter to Jane Austen with this book. She will pretty much only read graphic novels and I hope this one will pique her interest. I believe could be a good first attempt into the Jane Austen universe.




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