Reveal: Muse Monthly


I’m so excited to be getting my first box of Muse Monthly! Muse Monthly is a monthly subscription service where I receive a wonderful new book, some amazing tea and lots of other bookish goodies. I’ve received several book subscriptions, but Muse Monthly is my favorite by far!

Here is what I got in my October box. Beware it is pretty damn amazing!


First, here is the box! I love their logo; so clean and simple!

I can’t decide! Should I show everything first or piece by piece? Such a hard question! I think I will keep everyone in suspense and show bit by bit; as I rub my evil hands together. When I opened my box, this is what I saw:


I wonder what’s inside!!



OOHHH! Looks like a Shakespeare themed box! Let’s look further…



When I finally dug further and found the book, I was totally blown away! And here’s why!


It’s Margaret Atwood’s new release: Hag-Seed! Plus a signature card to put inside the book. How Muse Monthly was able to get this amazing book and the goodies inside is beyond me; but I love it!!

Here’s the complete box:

  • Soy Candle: Tempest (very fitting)
  • Teapigs: Morning Glory
  • Shakespeare Card
  • Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood
  • Ms. Atwood’s Signature card
  • Bookmarks


What do you think of this amazing box?!


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